We’ve been committing hard to our Aviation Solution to bring it to life.
With this in mind, Earhart has the pleasure to announce the strengthen of the partnership with NULS in order to deliver faster and a more reliable Earhart product.

NULS will be responsible for the Blockchain Backend Development and maintenance. With this, the product will be delivered in a faster pace and will be more reliable.

Earhart will be the responsible for the Blockchain Frontend Development and customer deployment.

Earhart’s team feels that this relationship/partnership will be a very symbiotic one with benefits for both sides.



Earhart Team has been on the move… Development wise, we’ve been acomplishing more mileage!

We have achieved a very important milestone. For the first time, we are connecting three different types of data sources: Excel, Oracle and, Access.

This progress is, at the moment, mostly on the Frontend side, but we are getting very close to fully connecting EVERYTHING. It’s quite meaningful to us since the approachability to the final customers is now closer.

The interoperability is nearly complete for the main data sources. Most of the Aeronautical players have their legacy system made to be useful for them but it’s not thought to fit with each other — which is one of the main problems Earhart proposes to solve.

We’re making progress and getting more and more excited about what we are achieving!

Buckle-Up… the journey of your lives is about to take-off.



Earhart’s WhitePaper is finally out. We’ve made the following changes:

  • Correction of several typos;
  • Graphism of the flowcharts has been highly improved;
  • Added EASA and FAA regulations and requirements.

With this improvements, specially with the addition of the regulators requirements, it gives a regulatory substantiation to all Earhart’s objectives and goals: To become the worldwide Airworthiness data transfer and record keeping standard.

Earhart has been working closely with Aeronautical companies so that our product comes out as a all-in-one perfect solution that can solve all the problems related with trustworthiness and traceability of aeronautical data.

This addition will also prove that Earhart complies with an extensive set of international Aeronautical standards and regulations.

Thank you! Fasten your seatbelts, the flight is about start!



Earhart Solution

Earhart is a powered blockchain solution that reinvents the aeronautical records and traceability with enhanced record keeping that will turn possible real time