Earhart — The Blockchain Adoption in Aviation Industry

Earhart in a nutshell

The aviation business in highly complex and regulated. Due to this fact arise many unlean processes which will lead the business to loss or unclear information. Also, and due to the fact that aviation records are often subject of forgery, adulteration or actions carried out off the airworthiness scope, they can put in jeopardy the aircraft and passenger’s general safety. Earhart solution will use blockchain technology to ease the aviation business records, aircraft and personal certifications and aircraft information. Providing a reliable mean to record information required by the authorities and regulators, which will be immutable, reliable and tamper proof. A new concept of Proof of Airworthiness will allow to monitor every action and provide in real time to all interested parts a view of the aircraft status, for example:

  • Aircraft and Organizations Certifications
  • Personal Certifications
  • Authorities and Regulators Requirements
  • Airworthiness Data
  • Aircraft Operational Data
  • Aircraft Manufacturers Data
  • Maintenance Data

Benefits for NULS Holders

In this partnership with Earhart, NULS users can expect to receive the following benefits:

Technical, Marketing, and Growth Collaborations

Earhart and NULS will work closely on the technical development of Earhart’s Solution approach. This approach has the potential to take the worldwide aviation business to a whole to new higher standards.

Join the Earhart Community

If you are interested to follow Earhart and get in touch with the project team members, you can participate and receive timely updates from the following official channels:



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Earhart Solution

Earhart Solution

Earhart is a powered blockchain solution that reinvents the aeronautical records and traceability with enhanced record keeping that will turn possible real time