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We’ve been committing hard to our Aviation Solution to bring it to life.
With this in mind, Earhart has the pleasure to announce the strengthen of the partnership with NULS in order to deliver faster and a more reliable Earhart product.

NULS will be responsible for the Blockchain Backend Development and maintenance. With this, the product will be delivered in a faster pace and will be more reliable.

Earhart will be the responsible for the Blockchain Frontend Development and customer deployment.

Earhart’s team feels that this relationship/partnership will be a very symbiotic one with benefits for both sides.

Earhart Team has been on the move… Development wise, we’ve been acomplishing more mileage!

We have achieved a very important milestone. For the first time, we are connecting three different types of data sources: Excel, Oracle and, Access.

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This progress is, at the moment, mostly on the Frontend side, but we are getting very close to fully connecting EVERYTHING. It’s quite meaningful to us since the approachability to the final customers is now closer.

The interoperability is nearly complete for the main data sources. Most of the Aeronautical players have their legacy system made to be useful for them but it’s not thought to fit with each other — which is one of the main problems Earhart proposes to solve.

We’re making progress and getting more and more excited about what we are achieving!

Buckle-Up… the journey of your lives is about to take-off.

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We’re happy to announce that on January 7th, we’ll be officially listed on Nervedex!

We started this journey committed to revolutionizing the way trustworthiness and traceability of aeronautical data is stored and utilized. We want to facilitate the way data is stored, making it possible to be monetized and used in real-time to determine airworthiness status.

With this listing, we hope to reach a bigger audience and to enter the buyer-seller market. …

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The aeronautical industry is the second most regulated industry in the world, standing only behind Nuclear. To be part of the Aeronautical Ecosystem, it’s necessary to comply with an extensive set of requirements, rules, and processes.

Earhart has been working with these regulators to clarify the use of blockchain in aeronautical records. To be clear, Earhart doesn’t create or destroy information. Earhart records and connects information altogether using blockchain.

Paying attention to the European regulator EASA requirement AMC M.A.350(e), Earhart complies with every point of the requirement. Thus becoming the most efficient way to protect, connect, and transfer records.

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Earhart’s WhitePaper is finally out. We’ve made the following changes:

  • Correction of several typos;
  • Graphism of the flowcharts has been highly improved;
  • Added EASA and FAA regulations and requirements.

With this improvements, specially with the addition of the regulators requirements, it gives a regulatory substantiation to all Earhart’s objectives and goals: To become the worldwide Airworthiness data transfer and record keeping standard.

Earhart has been working closely with Aeronautical companies so that our product comes out as a all-in-one perfect solution that can solve all the problems related with trustworthiness and traceability of aeronautical data.

This addition will also prove that Earhart complies with an extensive set of international Aeronautical standards and regulations.

Thank you! Fasten your seatbelts, the flight is about start!

Earhart’s team hasn’t stopped and has been cooking some surprises for you all!

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We present to you our Roadmap for 2021!

Today, 23-11-2020, we are going to be listed on! So that’s one objective achieved!

LitePaper will soon be realized, and the development of the 1st module has been on its way and with outstanding achievements already!

We’ve been conducting several meetings with Operators, Maintenance Organizations, and Authorities in the aeronautic industry.
One of the most important ones was with EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) to make sure our proposed solution is within all the conformities of all international regulations — And it is!

Keep your eyes wide open for more news. Don’t let them fly by!

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On the path to adoption, we continue to expand our project to fulfill all of our objectives!

Streamlining Solutions has an unrivaled and proven track record of delivering safety performance system improvements and regulatory compliance programs for several major aviation organizations, private and public, and other stakeholders.

With over 14 000 hours of training delivered and 360 projects served with streamlined solutions, we think they are the right partner for us to begin with!

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Streamlining is a go-to choice for worldwide aviation consultancy in organizational safety management and regulatory performance improvement. Their team of accomplished professionals is driven by a…

Being the go-to choice for worldwide aviation consultancy in organizational safety management and regulatory performance improvement, we are really happy to announce this partnership.
Both Earhart and Streamlining Solutions will work together in the development and deployment of a Blockchain Solution.
Earhart has chosen Streamlining Solution for its first partnership due to its wide role of services, worldwide experience and expertise in aviation business.

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We have been working closely with Nuls and we couldn’t be more happier with all the support they have given us.

NULS is an open-source, enterprise-grade, adaptive blockchain platform that offers fast-track business solutions for developers. NULS utilizes the Proof-of-Credit (POC) consensus mechanism, which combines Delegated-Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) with an added credit rating feature, as its foundational technology. Earhart’s goal is to interconnect all main branches of the aviation business. To create a safe, immutable, and reliable means to record aviation actions. These network characteristics will decrease the costs of aviation record generation and keeping reworks and increase airline business liquidity…

We are pleased to announce that we are live on NULS POCM.

Earhart EHT Token can now be staked following:


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Earhart Solution

Earhart is a powered blockchain solution that reinvents the aeronautical records and traceability with enhanced record keeping that will turn possible real time

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